Visiting the Eiffel Tower: times, prices and conditions

Inaugurated on 31 March 1889 in Paris, the Eiffel Tower continues to draw crowds. The most visited monument in the world attracts 7 million people a year. A visit to the Eiffel Tower is a must for tourists and French people alike. Would you like to know the opening times and prices? Are you worried about waiting times and access to the monument? Follow the guide.

The Eiffel Tower’s visiting hours

Anyone visiting Paris or France sees the Iron Lady as a must-see. To meet the needs of visitors, the Eiffel Tower hasexceptional opening hours.

Opening hours of the Eiffel Tower

The monument is open every day of the year, without interruption. The two entrances to the site open from 9.15am to 10.45pm. The monument closes one hour later, at 11.45pm. The stairways and lifts are accessible from 9:30 am. They close at 6pm and 11pm respectively.

Exceptional opening hours at the Eiffel Tower

On certain days of the year, the Iron Lady offers extended opening hours. For example, the lifts close at midnight on 1 January. The next day, you can enjoy the stairs until 10.45pm (instead of 6pm). It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. Take advantage of this Paris by night to overlook the Louvre Museum or to greet the cruises on the Seine.

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Eiffel Tower: prices and conditions of visit

To fully understand the ticket prices, let’s remember how to visit the tower.

Floor(s) and top of the Eiffel Tower: how to get there

The Iron Lady is schematically divided into three floors:

  1. The first (57 metres): accessible by lift or stairs (328 steps);
  2. The second (116 metres): accessible by lift or stairs (674 steps);
  3. The third (top 276 metres): accessible only by lift.

Unlike other monuments (art museums), the tower does not offer guided tours.

Floors and summit of the Eiffel Tower: ticket price ranges

The price of a ticket varies according to your age and situation.

  • children: free for children under four years old, Children’s rate for 4-11 years old;
  • Youth rate for 12 to 24 year olds;
  • Adult fare for those over 24.
  • reduced rate for people with disabilities;
  • free ticket for RSA beneficiaries.

Ticket prices for access to the first two floors of the Eiffel Tower

First scenario, you only want to reach the 2nd floor:

  1. By taking the stairs: adults (€11.30), young people (€5.60), 4-11 years old or disabled (€2.80);
  2. By taking the lift: adults (€18.10), young people (€9), 4-11 years old or disabled (€4.50).

Ticket prices to the third and top floor of the Eiffel Tower

You want to go to the very top of the tower, all the way to the summit:

  1. By taking two lifts : adults (€28.30), young people (€14.10), 4-11 year olds or disabled (€7.10);
  2. By walking up two flights of stairs and then taking the lift: adults (€21.50), young people (€10.70), 4-11 years old or disabled (€5.40).
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Among the unusual tours, the ticket office offers a unique experience for adults. A lift to the top with a glass of champagne (€45.80).

Conditions of access to Eiffel Tower tickets

To visit the Iron Lady, it is highly recommended to book your ticket online. In addition, most tickets purchased at the ticket office are for immediate use only. Furthermore, once you have bought a ticket for the first two floors only, no additional tickets are possible. So you will not get to the top, even if you pay more. In addition, free visitors must still have a ticket.

Access conditions to visit the Eiffel Tower

To reach the forecourt, you will have to undergo a twenty-minute search. There are no lockers for your bags or luggage. Stairs are forbidden to babies and people with reduced mobility. In case of strong winds, the tower closes its doors.

There is no shortage of activities and attractions in this area of the 7th arrondissement of Paris. The Eiffel Tower’s website is full of valuable advice for preparing your visit. Before you leave, take a look at the opinions of Internet users to organise a guided tour of the city. And why not continue the evening with a dinner or a cruise along the Seine?

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